New Zealand Made Terracotta

Select one of our eight fired colours. Then select the shape and size of tile that suits your space. We will craft an order especially for you, from clayfields to kiln.

Middle Earth terracotta tiles are a sustainable, hard wearing and easy to maintain option for tiling your inside or outdoors area. They are non-slip, non-reflective and retain heat long after the sun has set. Our tiles are colourfast and their coloured patina only enhances in beauty as they age.

Middle Earth Tiles are made with passion and care. The clay comes from our personal clay-fields and is made into tiles at our factory at Warkworth.
We are focused on using manufacturing processes which care for the environment. Waste fired product is used as hard pavement or as mulch for gardens. Run of kiln tiles - fired on the back of our bullnose tiles - are sold at competitive prices. Unfired clay is returned to the manufacturing process. Above all, our terracotta tiles are created with a thick body to endure the test of time. Terracotta tiles have been known to last for centuries without needing to be replaced.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use terracotta tiles in conjunction with an underfloor heating system?

Terracotta tiles are the perfect accompaniment for an underfloor heating system as they act as a heat soak. Terracotta tiles retain warmth for long periods of time without overheating.

Do I need to seal terracotta tiles?

All of our tiles, except cobbles, are factory treated to reduce water absorption. However if the tiles are likely to be exposed to salt water or heavy frosts they need to resealed with a penetrating sealer.
Inside your home and on decks and front entrances we recommend you seal your tiles with Java Oil which is an environmentally friendly oil hand-made in Motueka by Natural House. For more information on this process see our
Laying & Oiling page

How many tiles do I need to order?

Measure the space you want to tile to find the square meterage. The amount of tiles per square meter differs with each size of tile.
When calculating the amount of tiles per square metre, we allow for grout joints.
Make sure that you order a few extra tiles for cutting. A standard recommendation is to order 10% extra tiles. In the end, it is better to over order and have a box of tiles left at the end of your project, than to run out.
Remember, if you accidentally crack or ruin a tile in the future, you may not be able to find an exact match.

How wide should my grout joints be?

It is recommended to have grout lines between 6mm-8mm wide. This ensures a secure bond between tiles, creates texture on your floor and grip underfoot.

What is the difference between a quarry tile and a terracotta tile?

These are virtually two names for the same product. The term ‘quarry’ comes from the French term ‘quarrel’ which means square.

What colour of grout should I use?

With Terracotta tiles we recommend a neutral grey coloured grout. How light or dark the grout should be depends on how light or dark the tile of your choice is.

What adhesive should I use?

Different areas need different adhesives. For outdoor tiling on concrete, an adhesive such as Superfixal is a good choice. For indoor tiling on a wooden base, ASA Conflex is a good option. Make sure that you choose the right adhesive for your area and don’t skimp on it. It is important, when tiling an area near a heat source, such as a fireplace, to choose a high quality adhesive that can withstand high temperatures. Adhesive can literally be the make or break of your tiling project.

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